LEÓN CHIPROUT a.m.c. a Biographical Note.

León Chiprout was born in Mexico City, in 1970. He studied at the International Film and Television Workshops, Rockport, Maine.

Since 1998, he has worked as a free-lance photographer for the advertising and fashion industries. Chiprout’s fresh and direct style devotes much attention to the direction of characters and to the projection of high energy within his images.

His considerable experience includes the interpretation of ideas for creative advertising teams reprocessing those ideas to a higher level, thus endowing the projects with greater strength and clarity. These last fifteen years, he works as director of photography in feature films, TV commercials, and music videos. His artistic expertise extends to participation in large production teams, in several countries of the world. His films credits include: the Spanish film, Nada es casualidad, as cinematographer, Girón de niebla, as cinematographer, and Hidden Moon, by Wes Bentley (American Beauty), as second unit director of photography.

His clients’ list includes: Robinson’s Agency, Paris; The Bravo Group, New York; Leo Burnett, Chicago; Volya Productions, Spain; Avon; Cartoon Network, Atlanta; MTV, Disney, Jack Morton Chicago,  and other ad agencies and production companies in Mexico, Latin America Europe and the USA.


León currently have job offers like: feature film Transmigration with producer Michael Doven ( Mission imposible, The last Samurai)  Queen Bee with acclaimed Canadien director: Jerry Ciccoritti.

Leon is currently living in the sunny Los angeles California.





COMMERCIALS                                                     DIRECTOR                        PRODUCTION CO.


COCA-COLA“ Lalo”                                              Fausto Teran                    Toro Films

DIRECT TV “Alf”                                                     Jagg                                   3Roundburst

GARNIER “ Clarify”                                                 Fernando arzate                Catedral Films

PALMOLIVE “ Optims”                                           Fernando Arzate               Catedral Films

MITSUBISHI “ Family Race”                                   Fausto Teran                     Toro films

SAMSUNG “ Faster, Brither, Longer”                    Fausto Teran                     Toro films

MC DONALD’S “ The Musical web promo”          Jorge Abarca                      Abarca media group

DISNEY “  Kirby Buckets”                                       Carlo Olivares                     Disney


 MUSIC VIDEOS                                                       DIRECTOR                              PRODUCTION CO.



Serena Foster “ More Than Friends”                          Jorge Abarca                        Abarca media group

Jesse & Joy“Corre”                                                      Fes Noriega                           El Mall

Yahir “Si tu te vas”                                                        Ricardo Calderon                  Hiperactivo

Camila & Mas “La vida entera”                                    Gustavo Garzon                    Hector Kron




FEATURE FILMS                                                    DIRECTOR                              PRODUCTION CO.


3:19                                                                        Dany Sadia   Volya                  Productions Spain

GIRON DE NIEBLA                                               Julio cesar Estrada                  Hilo Negro Productions

HIDDEN MOON 2 unit                                         Jose Bojorquez                        Victoria Films

                                                                                                                                 Dp Chriss Chomyn A.S.C.          




DOCUMENTARY                                                   DIRECTOR                              PRODUCTION CO.



( additional photography)                                    Luciano Larrobina                       Acitron



Member of the Mexican society ofcinematographers AMC.

Fluent inEnglish and Spanish